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Yannick Benjamin of Wheeling Forward Hosting A Tour of Australia Class!

We are so excited to have our dear friend Yannick Benjamin, NYC-based sommelier and co-founder of Wheeling Forward, here to host our Tour of Australia class on Saturday, May 10!   Yannick comes from a family active in the restaurant business, … Continue reading

A Virtual Trip to Italy

You have to watch these.   We fell head over heels for this series of gorgeous videos made by the professional, education-focused organization the Guild of Sommeliers and the team who directed last year’s incredible SOMM documentary.    The three … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Channing Daughters

Who: Channing Daughters   What: Local Motion Toward Terrific Long Island Terroir   Where: Long Island, New York   Why: Because, in his other lives, founder Walter Channing has been a venture capitalist, a healthcare consultant, a furniture designer and … Continue reading

Back to Basics: How Long Does a Wine Stay Good After Opening?

Quite simply: “It depends.”   I’d first point you to the only absolute “rule” of food and wine pairings, which applies here, too: Trust your palate, drink what you like and enjoy it.   If you taste a wine that’s … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Au Bon Climat

Who: Au Bon Climat   What: Living Winemaking Legend that Expedited Santa Barbara onto the Wine Country Map   Where: Santa Maria Valley, California   Why: Because Jim Clendenen looks like your quintessential SoCal surfer… but go beyond the mischievous, adventure-seeking … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Sonoma County

Where: Hugging the Pacific Coast and running east until it hits the Mayacamas Mountains, Sonoma County is about an hour north of San Francisco.   What: A vast and varied wine region that nevertheless boasts a strong sense of pride, community and … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Santa Ynez Valley

Where: “Part Two” of Santa Barbara County, Santa Ynez Valley AVA runs parallel with the southern California coast as it veers abruptly east in line with the Transverse Ranges’ Santa Ynez Mountains. The coastal city of Santa Barbara itself is … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Santa Maria Valley

Where: “Part One” of Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria Valley AVA occupies the northeastern quadrant of this roughly rectangular county. Mountains hem both the top and bottom of the appellation, and fog and wind funnel straight into Santa Maria from … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Dashe Cellars

Who: Dashe Cellars   What: Self-Assured Zinfandel with an Old World Soul   Where: Sonoma, California   Why: Because Michael Dashe started his (unofficial) career by reconditioning an old refrigerator and making homemade beer in it… when he was 15. … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Quinta do Feital

Who: Quinta do Feital   What: Spanish Expat Prioritizing Top Quality in Portugal   Where: Vinho Verde (Minho), Portugal   Why: Because Marcial Dorado is a Spaniard, but he’s working on the opposite side of the Minho River, in Portugal’s … Continue reading