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Regional Profile: Chinon

Where: In the middle of the Loire Valley, within the greater region of Touraine. Chinon rests in a corner between the Loire River (to its north) and the tributary River Vienne (to its south).   What: Prime time for Cabernet Franc … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Sancerre

Where: In the easternmost section of France’s Loire Valley, eyeing Pouilly-Fumé directly across the River Loire. Chablis is roughly a two-hour drive northeast, while Paris is about two and a half hours due north.   What: This is France’s hallowed … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Clos Roche Blanche

Who: Clos Roche Blanche   What: Free-Thinking Radical, Dedicated to the Dirt   Where: Touraine (Loire Valley, France)   Why: Because Clos Roche Blanche’s winemaker Didier Barrouillet will come right out and tell you that he thinks the concept of … Continue reading

Winery Profile: François Chidaine

Who: François Chidaine   What: Loire Sage Unleashing Terroir and Making It Reign   Where: Touraine (Loire, France)   Why: Because he’s been working biodynamically since 2003, but you won’t find him shouting about it, and you won’t find any … Continue reading

Grape Files: Pinot Noir

Color: Red   Grown in: Burgundy, Champagne, Loire, Jura, Alsace (France); Alto Adige, Lombardia (Italy); Germany; Switzerland; New Zealand; United States; Chile; Argentina   A.K.A. Pinot Nero (Italy); Spätburgunder (Germany)   Profile: Pinot Noir can be stunningly, heartbreakingly beautiful. It can … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Vouvray

Where: In the middle of France’s Loire valley, within the Touraine sub-region, sitting up on a bed of tuffeau (soft limestone) and watching over the Loire River just to the south.   What: The Loire Valley is also known as … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Domaine de la Pépière

Who: Domaine de la Pépière   What: Rebel with a Cause Turning Muscadet from Pauper to Prince   Where: Pays Nantais (Loire, France)   Why: Because Marc Ollivier, owner of Domaine de la Pépière, doesn’t care what anybody thinks of the “little old” Muscadet … Continue reading

Grape Files: Cabernet Franc

Color: Red   Grown in: Loire, Bordeaux (France); Friuli, Trentino-Alto Adige, Tuscany (Italy); Hungary; New York, California, Washington (U.S.)   A.K.A. Bouchet (Bordeaux, France); Breton (Loire, France)   Profile: DNA profiling revealed that Cabernet Franc is Cabernet Sauvignon’s dad (its … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Edmond Vatan

Who: Edmond Vatan   What: Hallowed Shepherd of Sauvignon Blanc   Where: Chavignol (Sancerre, Loire, France)   Why: Because Edmond Vatan put in six decades in his Clos la Neore vineyard — a special chunk of limestone on the wickedly … Continue reading

Grape Files: Melon de Bourgogne

Color: White   Grown in: Muscadet (Pays Nantais, Loire, France)   Profile: Melon de Bourgogne is synonymous with Muscadet, and most people refer to it as the latter. Muscadet is both the name of the region it’s grown in and … Continue reading