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Regional Profile: Beaujolais

Where: About 75 miles south of the city of Beaune, Beaujolais caps the southern end of France’s Burgundy region.   What: Classic Gamay with climbing quality. For a while, Beaujolais had an oversimplified reputation. Quantity trumped quality in many parts, … Continue reading

Grape Files: Pinotage

Color: Red   Grown in: South Africa   Profile: This crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsault (which was locally known as Hermitage) is very much its own creature, unabashed in its dark, smoky, charred fruit and leather flavors. Some versions … Continue reading

Grape Files: Mourvèdre

Color: Red   Grown in: Provence, southern Rhône, Languedoc-Rousillon (France); Spain; California and Washington (U.S.); Australia   A.K.A.: Monastrell (Spain), Mataro (Spain, Australia, U.S.)   Profile: Mourvèdre loves hot weather. It’s thick-skinned and takes a while to ripen, so the … Continue reading

Grape Files: Corvina

Color: Red   Grown in: Veneto (Italy)   Profile: This is the main grape in Valpolicella (including Ripasso, Amarone or Recioto) wines, which can be dry or have a bit of rich sweetness. Amarone and Recioto are made by the … Continue reading

Grape Files: Aglianico

Color: Red   Grown in: Campania, Basilicata (Italy)   Profile: This early-budding and late-ripening grape needs a nice long growing season to build up its deep flavors and flesh out its high-acid and high-tannin structure. Wines made from Aglianico are … Continue reading

Grape Files: Carmenère

Color: Red   Grown in: Chile; Veneto, Trentino, Friuli (Italy); Bordeaux (France)   Profile: Once one of the grapes of Bordeaux, Carmenère is now virtually extinct in France. However, it’s made a great new name for itself halfway around the … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Rioja

Where: Rioja DOCa, north central Spain, boxed in by the Pyrenée Mountains to the northeast and the Cantabrians to the northwest, running roughly along the River Ebro. Rioja is broken up into three sub-regions: Alta, Baja and Alavesa (which spills … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Clos Cibonne

Who: Clos Cibonne   What: Fluent in Flor with a French Accent   Where: Côtes de Provence (Provence, France)   Why: As if you needed an excuse to drink rosé all year long. Because Clos Cibonne makes theirs just 800 … Continue reading

Grape Files: Torrontés

Color: White   Grown in: Argentina   Profile: This is absolutely, positively what you’d call an “aromatic” varietal: It leaps out of the glass, full of energy and all sorts of perky scents of candied lemon and orange peels, sweet-tart … Continue reading