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Regional Profile: Santa Ynez Valley

Where: “Part Two” of Santa Barbara County, Santa Ynez Valley AVA runs parallel with the southern California coast as it veers abruptly east in line with the Transverse Ranges’ Santa Ynez Mountains. The coastal city of Santa Barbara itself is … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Santa Maria Valley

Where: “Part One” of Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria Valley AVA occupies the northeastern quadrant of this roughly rectangular county. Mountains hem both the top and bottom of the appellation, and fog and wind funnel straight into Santa Maria from … Continue reading

Wine Pairings for the Thanksgiving Table

“What wine to pair with Thanksgiving dinner?”   The question surfaces casually at first, a bit playfully, as early as the first day of fall. But as November introduces itself and Turkey Thursday looms closer, the inquiries become more urgent, … Continue reading

Winery Profile: François Chidaine

Who: François Chidaine   What: Loire Sage Unleashing Terroir and Making It Reign   Where: Touraine (Loire, France)   Why: Because he’s been working biodynamically since 2003, but you won’t find him shouting about it, and you won’t find any … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Vouvray

Where: In the middle of France’s Loire valley, within the Touraine sub-region, sitting up on a bed of tuffeau (soft limestone) and watching over the Loire River just to the south.   What: The Loire Valley is also known as … Continue reading

Somms We Love: Paul Einbund

Currently at: Frances, 3870 17th St., San Francisco, CA Twitter: @PaulEinbund   When we think of Paul Einbund, we imagine the protagonist in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book The Little Prince. Paul, with a childlike innocence in his love for wine, … Continue reading

Grape Files: Chenin Blanc

Color: White   Grown in: Anjou-Saumur and Touraine (Loire, France); South Africa   A.K.A.: Pineau de la Loire (in the Loire); Steen (in South Africa)   Profile: The fruit in Chenin Blanc is all about red apple skin. Sometimes there’s … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Nicolas Joly

Who: Nicolas Joly, Château de la Roche-aux-Moines   What: Biodynamic Dynamo of the Loire   Where: Savennières (Loire, France) – monopole of Clos de la Coulée Serrant; Savennières-Roche-aux-Moines   Why: Because he’s been a zealous, unwavering advocate for biodynamic agriculture, … Continue reading