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Regional Profile: Chablis

Where: Two hours southeast of Paris on the A6 autoroute, this is the northernmost sub-region of Burgundy.    What: A one-of-a-kind wine region known for three specific things: a chilly climate, chalky limestone-and-clay soil, and 100% Chardonnay. This unique combination … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Burgundy

Where: In the middle of France, running roughly north to south from the town of Dijon to Lyon.   What: A collection of five individual sub-regions, all focused on the red grapes Pinot Noir and Gamay or the white grapes Chardonnay and … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Sancerre

Where: In the easternmost section of France’s Loire Valley, eyeing Pouilly-Fumé directly across the River Loire. Chablis is roughly a two-hour drive northeast, while Paris is about two and a half hours due north.   What: This is France’s hallowed … Continue reading

Back to Basics: What Is Acidity?

Acidity is one of the most commonly discussed concepts in wine. All wines have it, though in varying degrees, and the ability to perceive it is affected by the wine’s other components.   We are familiar with the term “acidity” … Continue reading

Back to Basics: Picking Out “Fruit” Notes in Wine

I remember reading a tasting note about maracuja once. “Mara-what?” I asked myself. I’ve seen rambutan, Buddha’s hand and carambola (fancy name for star fruit) called out, too… not to mention notes about “strawberry gelée” or “licorice-dusted black cherry compote.” … Continue reading

Back to Basics: How Climate Affects Wine

Applying this concept to your everyday wine choices will go a long way in helping you pick out a wine you like: The warmer the weather, the riper the grapes can get.   So even if you are growing the … Continue reading

Grape Files: Chardonnay

Color: White   Grown in: Nearly every country where grapes are grown has some — often extensive — plantings of Chardonnay, though this grape’s home town is Burgundy (France). California is, of course, now world renowned for its Chardonnays as … Continue reading

Hot Days, Cool Wine

It’s only 6am, and I’m awoken by the sound of the phone ringing. The cheerful wake-up call says that the weather today in sunny Atlanta is going to be a cool 99 degrees. Ouch. I have to wear a black … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Raveneau

Who: Domaine François Raveneau   What: Chardonnay from the Headmaster of Chablis   Where: Chablis (Burgundy, France) – Grand Crus: Les Clos, Valmur, Blanchots; 1er Crus: Montée de Tonnere, Vaillons, Butteaux, Forêts, Montmains   Why: Because he’s obsessed with only … Continue reading

Somms We Love: Juliette Pope

Currently at: Gramercy Tavern, 42 E. 20th St., New York, NY While serving guests at Gramercy Tavern, one of New York City’s most celebrated restaurants, Juliette practices the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.”   She’s … Continue reading