Major Wine Region Maps

Knowing what’s where in the world of wine can help you wrap your head around what you’re drinking (or what you might like to drink), since the area where grapes are grown can have a big impact on the style of wine produced there.


Cooler regions, for example, tend to produce wines with more acidity, while warmer regions make for riper grapes with less acidity and more potential alcohol. So if you know that Champagne is in the north of France, you might correctly guess that the wines have higher acidity than those coming out of Languedoc in the south.


In many older European wine regions, the style of wine also naturally evolved with the style of cuisine, since people like to drink things that go well with their food. So noticing that Liguria is a little region perched right on Italy’s Mediterranean coast might help you guess that the wines also tend to go well with fresh seafood.


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