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Back to Basics: Dry v. Sweet Wines

This is one of the trickiest concepts in tasting wine. Trust me: Even very experienced wine professionals can have a hard time perceiving whether a wine is technically fully “dry,” whether there is some of what we call “residual sugar” left in … Continue reading

Back to Basics: Fermentation – How Wine is Made

All you technically need to make wine are two things: grape juice and yeast. Yeast’s food is sugar, so when you’ve got these two things hanging out in the same environment, the yeast basically pig out on all the sugar … Continue reading

Winery Profile: François Chidaine

Who: François Chidaine   What: Loire Sage Unleashing Terroir and Making It Reign   Where: Touraine (Loire, France)   Why: Because he’s been working biodynamically since 2003, but you won’t find him shouting about it, and you won’t find any … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Vinho Verde

Where: Portugal’s Vinho Verde DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada) fans out from the North Atlantic Ocean inland and upward to the boundary with Spain. In 1908, the region was one of the first to be demarcated in Portugal. It was … Continue reading

Vinho Verde White Grapes

On my recent trip to Vinho Verde, I had the privilege of individually tasting most of the white grapes used in Vinho Verde blends. Here are my notes…   Alvarinho is the most tropical, most celebrated grape of Vinho Verde; … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Vouette et Sorbée

Who: Vouette et Sorbée   What: Top of the Bucket List Repping Champagne’s Deep South   Where: Côte des Bar, a.k.a. the Aube (Champagne, France)   Why: Because before his friend Anselme Selosse told him he ought to make wine, Bertrand … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Clos Cibonne

Who: Clos Cibonne   What: Fluent in Flor with a French Accent   Where: Côtes de Provence (Provence, France)   Why: As if you needed an excuse to drink rosé all year long. Because Clos Cibonne makes theirs just 800 … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Domaine de la Pépière

Who: Domaine de la Pépière   What: Rebel with a Cause Turning Muscadet from Pauper to Prince   Where: Pays Nantais (Loire, France)   Why: Because Marc Ollivier, owner of Domaine de la Pépière, doesn’t care what anybody thinks of the “little old” Muscadet … Continue reading

Winery Profile: Clos Uroulat

Who: Clos Uroulat   What: Father-Daughter Dance at the Foot of the Pyrénées   Where: Jurançon (Southwest France)   Why: Because Clos Uroulat’s got one foot planted in tradition and the other in modernity, and because fans of both camps can’t help but admire … Continue reading

At Long Last!

Whew! We’ve been waiting and prepping and getting excited… and waiting and prepping and getting excited some more…   and AT LONG LAST, we are OPENING today!!   We’ve worked hard to create a beautiful and welcoming space that we … Continue reading