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A Virtual Trip to Italy

You have to watch these.   We fell head over heels for this series of gorgeous videos made by the professional, education-focused organization the Guild of Sommeliers and the team who directed last year’s incredible SOMM documentary.    The three … Continue reading

Back to Basics: How Long Does a Wine Stay Good After Opening?

Quite simply: “It depends.”   I’d first point you to the only absolute “rule” of food and wine pairings, which applies here, too: Trust your palate, drink what you like and enjoy it.   If you taste a wine that’s … Continue reading

Women Winemakers We Love: Megan Glaab

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and as a general nod to our own unique roots, background and inspiration, we’re featuring a number of our favorite female winemakers over the next month. These are women from around the … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Jura

Where: East of the Burgundy region in France, pushed right up against the border with Switzerland. Heard of the Jurassic era? It’s actually named after the Jura region, because its limestone soils were first studied in this neck of the … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Casablanca Valley

Where: About halfway down the length of the skinny, seaside country of Chile, the Casablanca Valley rests only 20 miles from the ocean. It’s technically a sub-region of the larger Aconcagua region.   What: Vines weren’t even planted in Casablanca until the … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Burgundy

Where: In the middle of France, running roughly north to south from the town of Dijon to Lyon.   What: A collection of five individual sub-regions, all focused on the red grapes Pinot Noir and Gamay or the white grapes Chardonnay and … Continue reading

Grape Files: Merlot

Color: Red   Grown in: Bordeaux, Languedoc-Rousillon, Southwest France (France); Friuli, Trentino-Alto Adige, Tuscany (Italy); California, Washington (U.S.); Spain; Bulgaria; Chile; Australia; New Zealand   Profile: This plushly fruited, blue-black grape is the most widely planted in the French wine … Continue reading

Back to Basics: What are Tannins?

Have you ever sipped a really big, bold red wine and noticed after swallowing that your mouth feels incredibly dry? Maybe your tongue feels stuck to the roof of your mouth, or it’s like a bunch of teen tiny burs … Continue reading

Back to Basics: Picking Out “Non-Fruit” Notes in Wine

Everyone experiences a wine differently, because everyone experiences taste and smell differently! So don’t get afraid or upset if someone says they smell something in a wine that you just cannot pick out. Maybe you’ve never even smelled or tasted … Continue reading

Regional Profile: Sancerre

Where: In the easternmost section of France’s Loire Valley, eyeing Pouilly-Fumé directly across the River Loire. Chablis is roughly a two-hour drive northeast, while Paris is about two and a half hours due north.   What: This is France’s hallowed … Continue reading